Dholera S.I.R.

 Dholera Special Investment region(Dholera SIR)  is the first proposed grass root smart city of india on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor(DMIC) route, near Ahmedabad, Gujrat, A Globle HUB of Manufacturing and Trading, Economic Activity and Center of Excellence supports by world class infrastructure, Superb civic amenities and a pro-active policy framework by the Government.

Total Area : 920 sq.km

 Development Area : 567,39sq.km

Development in toun Planning scheme 1to 6, in 3 phase.


IMO Facts :

ü  Master plan Halcrow : UK

ü  New City Development : AECOM

ü  Intelligent traffic Solution : CISCO,IBM

ü  Digital mapping and management : CISCO

ü  Information & Communication Tech.(ICt) : Wipro

ü  Activation Area (23 sq.km)phase, tender awarded : L&T

ü  ABCD Building Qube Engineering

ü  Central Government has allocated Rs. 3000cr. For dholera SIR as first tranche.



Ø  Hon’ble prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has dream to build city in Gujrat equipment to shanghai and better then Singapore and Hongkong.

Ø  Metro railway project, International Airport and india’s first 10-lane express highway.

Ø  Dholera SIR, Dholera special investment region will also become international level beggest Mega-city better better than Singapore hongkong and dubai.

Ø  Dholera SIR would be joint venture of Central Government of india and japan government.

Ø  International Design of dholera has been made by world Renowned halcrow company, U.K.

Ø  Foe rapid development of dholera SIR, government has given approval to extend the most ambitious metro rail project of ahmedabad – gandhinagar to dholera.

Ø  At dholera 75000 acres land had be acquired by government to  establishment of modern and illustrative Hi-tech city.

Ø   In 1700 hectare, with all modern amenities, india’s first international cargo airport(with approval of 2013-2014 budget) ahmedabad – dholera – Bhavnagar cities.

Ø  In context to delhi – Mumbai – industrial corridor, out of 9 proposed cities only 1 proposed city of gujrat and by same way out of all Indian Government has declared.

Ø  Dholera SIR as most enabled developing project, where upcoming industries will be benefitted with special reliefs.

Ø  According to Forbes, Dholera SIR is the ,Best developing city among 12 cities of world.

Ø  Instead of investment in bank, mutual funds, premises of prime location gives extraordinary returns.



The work on the central spine road already started.


·  1st tender for road and services for TP 2 activation zone worth Rs.1850 crores is out for bidding and almost 13 international companies have shown interest in the bidding and submitted bid.

·         Tender for FP demarcation is out for bidding.

·         Tender for ABCD building(Administrative and business center of Dholera) worth Rs.100 crores is out for bidding, the building site is near by our current and future project locations.

·         Tender for water treatment plant worth Rs.150 crores is out of bidding.

·         Sewage water plant tender is out for bidding.

·         Tender for networking within TP1 and TP2 is out for bidding.

·         Total of Rs.2500 crores work tenders are out for bidding.



Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporate of India Limitted(DFCCIL) is a special purpose vehical set up under the administrative control of ministry of railways to undertake planning & development, mobilization of financial resources and construction, maintenance and operation of the dedicated freight corridors. DFCCIL was incorporated in October 2006 under Indian companies act 1956.


Current Status if DFC Western Corridor : Under construction, approved in rail budget 2014-2015.

The vision for DMIC is to create strong economic base with globally competition environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to activate local commerce, enhance foreign investment and attain sustainable development.


Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor is to be conceived as a industrial corridor of international standards with emphasis on expanding the manufacturing and services base and develop DMIC as the “Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub”.


The government of india is setting up a multi-model dedicated freight corridor(DFC) between Delhi and Mumbai. Out of the total 1483 kms of the length of DFC,38% is falling in gujrat. The area of 150 kms on the both sides of the DFC will be developed as DMIC. It will be a high impact industrial corridor.



DMIC is to be developed as a global manufacturing and trading hub of india supported by world class infrastructure and enabling policy framework, it will become “he engine for economic resurgence of the country”.



-          Double the employee potential in five years(14.87% CAGR)

-          Triple industrial output in five years(24.57% CAGR)

-          Quadruple exports from the region in five years(31.95% CAGR)

-          62% of the total area of gujrat covered

-          22 out 33 district within the influence area

-          Major cities on DMIC : Ahmedabad, vadodar, Surat.

-          1/3rd of the total investment will be in gujrat

-          Estimated employment : 8 lacs

-          Gujrat’s ports to cater to foreign & hinterland markets

-          World class connectivity between the ports, nodes & DFC

-          Six logistics parks being developed along the DFC


-          A high impact industrial area within 150 km distance on both side of the DFC

-          Area under influence – 14% & population – 17% of the country

-          Total population : 173.4 million

-          Total workers : 68.36 million

-          Total 82 districts of six states within the influence area(excluding Mp)

-          25 indtrial nodes have been proposed along the DMIC.